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  The threats facing the United States are quickly and radically changing and are more diverse and interconnected. PiCo is uniquely qualified to provide Intelligence professionals that are committed to providing the insightful, multidisciplinary intelligence needed to protect American lives and interests world-wide.  READ MORE

highly-cleared professionals for critical national security programs and initiatives

  PiCo understands that strong Mission Support services are critical to an organization's smooth business operations.  PiCo provides cleared personnel to support the full range of Mission Support services.  READ MORE

Mission Support

The United States continues to face a complex array of challenges across the globe. Deficit reduction is a critical National security priority. Continually evolving technology and a fiscally constrained environment require solutions that are smaller and leaner, but also agile, flexible, ready and technologically advanced.  PiCo is postured to meet these challenges, with a constant eye to fiscal discipline. Our experienced professionals will combine real-world experience with innovative planning and management to deliver the right solutions to support readiness world-wide.